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A portion of my collection as it is displayed in my "Bionic" room.

''Road To Nashville'' Outfit
Canvas Back To Lindsay's ''Director's'' Chair

Collecting Lindsay Wagner/Bionic Woman items has been a great source of enjoyment for me. Not only have I found really amazing items, but I've also had the great pleasure of meeting other collectors who share the same interest. Without a doubt, the "crown jewel" of my collection is the cowgirl outfit that Lindsay wore in the episode "Road To Nashville." Who can forget Lindsay belting out "Living In The Country" while wearing this two piece rhinestone number? If you're a fan, I would love to hear about your collection!

Listed below are some of the rare items in my Bionic Woman collection.
Most of these items were not mass-marketed, and usually not intended for the general public.
  • "Road To Nashville" Cowgirl Outfit (worn by Lindsay)
  • BIONIC SHOWDOWN Pink Opera Gloves (worn by Lindsay)
  • Bronze Logo Belt Buckle (Gift To Cast & Crew From Lindsay)
  • 14"x9" Canvas Patch Of Title Screen (Used on Crew Jacket)
  • BIONIC WOMAN Crew Jacket -- "Pat" on the front (Distributed To Cast & Crew)

  • BIONIC WOMAN Crew Jacket -- "Johnny" on the front (Autographed on back by Lindsay Wagner,
    Richard Anderson, Kenny Johnson, Jennifer Darling, Martin E. Brooks, Rita Egleston, Inge Lindgreen)

  • "A Thing Of The Past" 12/18/75 (Studio Teacher's Copy)
  • "Winning Is Everything" Rev. 3/9/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Canyon Of Death" Rev. 3/18/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "The Jailing Of Jaime" Rev. 4/12/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Assault On The Princess" Rev. 7/13/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Road To Nashville" Rev. 9/7/76 (LW's Copy)
  • "Kill Oscar" Part I Rev. 9/13/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Kill Oscar" Part II Rev. 9/6/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Kill Oscar" Part III Rev. 8/30/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "The Vega Influence" 2nd Rev. 8/2/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Doomsday Is Tomorrow" Part I Rev. 11/22/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed
  • "Doomsday Is Tomorrow" Part II Rev. 11/22/76 (LW's Copy)
  • "Bio-Feedback" Rev. 11/9/76 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Jaime And The King" Rev. 1/20/77 (Original Copy w/Dialogue Continutity)
  • "Once A Thief" 2/23/77 (Animal Trainer's Copy - LW Autographed)
  • "Motorcycle Boogie" Rev. 8/17/77 (LW's Copy - Autographed)
  • "Sanctuary Earth" Rev. 12/29/77 (Producer's Copy)
  • "Rollercoaster Ride" 3/1/77 (Original Copy)
  • "Starman" Part I 9/27/77 (Original Copy)
  • "The Starman" Part II 6/17/77 (Original Copy)

  • Coach House Set Slides
  • Various 1975, 1976 & 1977 Kenner Toy Commercials (16mm film)
  • 1978 Kenner Toy Commercials (Super 8 film)
  • Various Kenner Prototype Fashions
  • Kenner Doll Disguise Prototype Sketch
  • Various Network Press Photos
  • 1976 ABC-TV Promo (16mm film)
  • 1977 NBC-TV Affiliate Promo Poster
  • Generic Commercial For Syndication (16mm film)