<HTML> <!-- AUTHOR: James Sherrard --> <!-- E-Mail: BionicWomanFiles@aol.com --> <HEAD> <TITLE>THE BIONIC WOMAN FILES--Six Million Doo</TITLE> <script language="JavaScript" SRC="../links/javasrc_click.js"></script> <link rel=stylesheet type="text/css" href="../links/stylemenu.css"> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" BACKGROUND="../files/smdm_bg.jpg" BGPROPERTIES="Fixed" text="#00CECE" link="#FF0000" alink="#FF6600" vlink="#FF0000"><FONT FACE="Arial, Times New Roman"> <TABLE> <TR> <TD WIDTH="150" VALIGN="TOP"> <IFRAME SRC="menu.htm" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="700" SCROLLING=NO FRAMEBORDER="0" ALIGN="TEXTTOP"> </IFRAME> </TD> <TD WIDTH="650" VALIGN="TOP"> <div style="position:center; width=609"> <CENTER> <IMG SRC="../files/smdm_head.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN"><BR> <IMG SRC="../files/smdmline_535.jpg"><BR> </CENTER> <BLOCKQUOTE> <FONT FACE="Arial, Times New Roman"> <CENTER> <BR> <IMG SRC="../files/sixtitle.jpg" BORDER=0 ALT="THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN"><BR> <BR> <FONT COLOR="#E30000"><U>BROADCAST HISTORY</U></FONT><BR> Jan 1974-Oct 1974, Friday 8:30PM ABC<BR> Nov 1974-Jan 1975, Friday 9:00PM ABC<BR> Jan 1975-Aug 1975, Sunday 7:30PM ABC<BR> Sep 1975-Jan 1978, Sunday 8:00PM ABC<BR> Jan 1978-Mar 1978, Monday 8:00PM ABC<BR> </CENTER> <A NAME="movies"></A><BR> <CENTER> <TABLE WIDTH="490"> <TR> <TD> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#E30000"><U>PILOT MOVIES (90 minutes)</U></FONT><BR> 03/07/1973 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Six Million Dollar Man" (aka "Cyborg")<BR> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;syndicated as "The Moon And The Desert" Parts I & II<BR> 10/20/1973 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Wine, Women and War" (syndicated as two parts)<BR> 11/17/1973 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Solid Gold Kidnapping" (syndicated as two parts)<BR> <A NAME="season1"></A><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#E30000"><U>1974 SEASON I</U></FONT><BR> 01/18/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Population: Zero"<BR> 01/25/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Survival Of The Fittest"<BR> 02/01/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Operation Firefly"<BR> 02/08/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Day Of The Robot"<BR> 02/22/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Little Orphan Airplane"<BR> 03/01/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Doomsday, And Counting"<BR> 03/08/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Eyewitness To Murder"<BR> 03/15/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Rescue Of Athena One"<BR> 03/29/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Dr. Wells Is Missing"<BR> 04/05/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Last Of The Fourth Of Julys"<BR> 04/12/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Burning Bright"<BR> 04/19/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Coward"<BR> 04/26/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Run, Steve, Run"<BR> <A NAME="season2"></A><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#E30000"><U>1974-75 SEASON II</U></FONT><BR> 09/13/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Nuclear Alert"<BR> 09/20/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Pioneers"<BR> 09/27/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Pilot Error"<BR> 10/04/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Pal-Mir Escort"<BR> 11/01/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Seven Million Dollar Man"<BR> 11/08/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Straight On 'Til Morning"<BR> 11/15/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Midas Touch"<BR> 11/22/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Deadly Replay"<BR> 11/29/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Act Of Piracy"<BR> 12/13/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Stranger In Broken Fork"<BR> 12/20/1974 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Peeping Blonde"<BR> 01/10/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Cross-Country Kidnap"<BR> 01/17/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Lost Love"<BR> 01/19/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Last Kamikaze"<BR> 01/26/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Return Of The Robot Maker"<BR> 02/02/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Taneha"<BR> 02/23/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Look Alike"<BR> 03/02/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The E.S.P. Spy"<BR> 03/16/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Bionic Woman" Part I<BR> 03/23/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Bionic Woman" Part II<BR> 04/19/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Outrage In Balinderry"<BR> 04/27/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Steve Austin, Fugitive"<BR> <A NAME="season3"></A><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#E30000"><U>1975-76 SEASON III</U></FONT><BR> 09/14/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Return Of The Bionic Woman" Part I<BR> 09/21/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Return Of The Bionic Woman" Part II<BR> 09/28/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Price Of Liberty"<BR> 10/05/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Song And Dance Spy"<BR> 10/12/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Wolf Boy"<BR> 10/19/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Deadly Test"<BR> 10/26/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Target In The Sky"<BR> 11/02/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "One Of Our Running Backs Is Missing"<BR> 11/09/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Bionic Criminal"<BR> 11/16/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Blue Flash"<BR> 11/23/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The White Lightning War"<BR> 11/30/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Divided Loyalty"<BR> 12/14/1975 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Clark Templeton O'Flaherty"<BR> 01/11/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Winning Smile"<BR> 01/18/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Hocus-Pocus"<BR> 02/01/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Secret Of Bigfoot" Part I<BR> 02/04/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Secret Of Bigfoot" Part II<BR> 02/08/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Golden Pharaoh"<BR> 02/15/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Love Song For Tanya"<BR> 02/22/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Bionic Badge"<BR> 03/07/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Big Brother"<BR> <A NAME="season4"></A><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#E30000"><U>1976-77 SEASON IV</U></FONT><BR> 09/19/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Return Of Bigfoot" Part I<BR> 09/26/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Nightmare In The Sky"<BR> 10/03/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Double Trouble"<BR> 10/17/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Most Dangerous Enemy"<BR> 10/24/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "H+2+O=Death"<BR> 10/31/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Kill Oscar" Part II<BR> 11/07/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Bionic Boy" (2 hours)<BR> 11/21/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Vulture Of The Andes"<BR> 11/28/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Thunderbird Connection" (2 hours)<BR> 12/12/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "A Bionic Christmas Carol"<BR> 12/19/1976 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Task Force"<BR> 01/02/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Ultimate Imposter"<BR> 01/09/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Death Probe" Part I<BR> 01/16/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Death Probe" Part II<BR> 01/23/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Danny's Inferno"<BR> 01/30/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Fires Of Hell"<BR> 02/06/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Infiltrators"<BR> 02/13/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Carnival Of Spies"<BR> 02/20/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "U-509"<BR> 02/27/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Privacy Of The Mind"<BR> 03/06/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "To Catch The Eagle"<BR> 05/15/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Ghostly Teletype"<BR> <A NAME="season5"></A><BR> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#E30000"><U>1977-78 SEASON V</U></FONT><BR> 09/11/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Sharks" Part I<BR> 09/18/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Sharks" Part II<BR> 09/25/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Deadly Countdown" Part I<BR> 10/02/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Deadly Countdown" Part II<BR> 10/09/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Bigfoot V"<BR> 10/16/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Killer Wind"<BR> 10/30/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Rollback"<BR> 10/06/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Dark Side Of The Moon" Part I<BR> 11/13/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Dark Side Of The Moon" Part II<BR> 11/27/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Target: Steve Austin"<BR> 12/18/1977 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Cheshire Project"<BR> 01/01/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Walk A Deadly Wing"<BR> 01/08/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Just A Matter Of Time"<BR> 01/22/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Return Of Death Probe" Part I<BR> 01/29/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Return Of Death Probe" Part II<BR> 01/30/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Lost Island" (2 hours)<BR> 02/06/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Madonna Caper"<BR> 02/13/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Dead Ringer"<BR> 02/20/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Date With Danger" Part I<BR> 02/27/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "Date With Danger" Part II<BR> 03/06/1978 &nbsp;&nbsp; "The Moving Mountain"<BR> <BR> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> </FONT> </BLOCKQUOTE> <CENTER><A HREF="http://www.bionicwomanfiles.com" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="../files/bwfcom.gif" ALT="Relaunch Site In New Window" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="15" BORDER="0"></A><BR> <IMG SRC="../files/smdmline_535.jpg"><BR> <IMG SRC="../files/smdm_buckle.jpg" BORDER="0" ALT=""></CENTER> <BR> <BR> </div> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <BGSOUND SRC="../files/eye.wav" AUTOSTART="True" HIDDEN="True"> </FONT> </BODY> </HTML>